Friday, October 07, 2011

Airdrie Morning

Just been to my bank in Airdrie ( actually it is partly my bank as it is the only independant bank in the UK and owned by customers and i have been a customer for over ten years)

Anyway behind me in the line were two young boys reaking of alcohol (11.30am) and there language was flowery &£#%<€¥+* to say the least.

I learned that they had been drinking till 6am then slept on someones floor - Getting up,going for a haircut and now getting what was left in thier bank accounts (£23) before starting the party again.

One of the boys tapped me on the shoulder
"Mate" "it's his birthday" pointing at his pal "He's 21 today"
"congratulations i say"


"You that guy who came to my school and spoke about "attitude"
Yes i said nervously "how you doing now,achieved your goals?

I'm doing alright -- no working the noo but my uncle is going to get me into that pure mad gas board -- maybe an apprentice

Go for it i say ... What else could i ... Oh and aim high - think

And work and set standards for self and the drink thats another story...

They say we have done enterprise in Scotland