Friday, November 19, 2004

Mhairi Clare Hendry from North Lanarkshire Council with Matt and Helen Posted by Hello

Thursday, November 18, 2004

Chryston High

Today I was working with 150 S5/S6 pupils from Chryston High. The school had decided to hold the event at the newly built community hall of Chryston Church - this is a fantastic facility with floor to ceiling windows and great views of the surrounding countryside.
The pupils were magnificent and fully participated in the workshop

Pupil Comments

" Very funny,good information - I learned alot"
"It was good - I am now an official entrepreneur"
"Todays workshop was amazing - really inspirational"
" It taught me to aim high and not to be negative about myself"

When I read all the feedback comments I realise that it is an honour to have the privelage to influence the young people and encourage them to be "determined to succeed"

Chryston Pupils with Matt Posted by Hello

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Enterprise is the Business

Today Matt and Helen were at Motherwell Concert Hall running a spectacular event for 200 P7 pupils from North Lanarkshire. The day was billed as "Enterprise is the business" with 25 teams of eight pupils participating and learning about the world of work and enterprise qualities. We all had great fun with a positive atmosphere, the pupils were excellent and demonstarted that in Lanarkshire we are "Determined to Succeed"

Photos to follow soon.

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Tuesday 16th November : Cumbernauld High

150 S5 pupils attended the "Who wants to be an Entrepreneur" workshop today and we all had a good time - me teaching what I think is important stuff and the pupils enjoying the process of interaction that the workshop allows.

Pupil Comments

"I thought the workshop was awesome - Matt made it very interesting, I learned alot"
Karen Lamb
The workshop was very good. We learned alot of things. We also learned to believe in ourself" Claire Hunter

Cumbernauld High pupils with Matt Posted by Hello

Monday 15th November

I started National Enterprise Week with a visit to Our Lady's High and worked with 180 S5/S6 pupils delivering the "Who wants to be an Entrepreneur" workshop.
The pupils were very good to work with and gave me great attention and participated very well.

Pupil Comments

"Great workshop,I learned alot about Entrepreneurs and what they do"

"I tought it was very good and entertaining, I realise how easy it is to succeed with a bit of determination" Ross Sneddon

"This has helped me realise my ambitions as others have" Ami Skimming

"Gave me the confidence to succeed and a good laugh" Theresa Camerley

Why not check out the Scottish Executives Enterprise website at


Sunday, November 14, 2004

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PSA Conference

I have just returned from the Professional Speakers Association conference that was held on Friday and Saturday in London - the people I met were awesome - speakers from all over the world - I listened to some excellent presentations and formed relationships with like minded inspiring people.