Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Ladybank Primary

Yesterday I was at Ladybank Primary School in Fife - a lovely small village school in the middle of great Scottish countryside.

I met around 50 young people from aged 9-11 and we spent the day being entrepreneurs - start with £25 enterprise money - make some products - sell them (for a profit)
Doesn't really seem like rocket science does it....

Problems occur of course when we have quality control / teamwork/costing/fussy buyers and other work colleagues with attitude to contend with  - aaagh the challenge of business.

The youngsters got stuck into the tasks - we had fun - all made a profit.

The got an insight into themselves their preferred job role and a look at other peoples skills too - they used our new assesment tool for reflective learning.

All in all a good day..........