Friday, December 10, 2004

Feedback from Preston Lodge High

I received a great message from the pupils at Preston Losge High School in Prestonpans re the "Who wants to be an Entrepreneur" workshop they attended of Friday the 26th of November

Entrepreneur Me!

The “Entrepreneur Me” workshop on Friday was extremely beneficial to both 5th and 6th years. It gave us a real insight into what it is like to become an Entrepreneur but was fun at the same time! Matt was a energetic and motivating person and brightened up our afternoon, while on a more serious not gave us some thought provoking things to think about.
After speaking to fellow pupils, we believe the best part of the workshop was the chance to, in groups, decide a entirely new, inventive use for a product! It really stretched our imaginations and we came up with ideas such as a wooden parrot being used as a look out to see who’s at your door when the door- bell rings!
We all thoroughly enjoyed the amazing opportunity and are extremely thankful to Matt Stewart, for encouraging us all to see that there is an Entrepreneur in everyone!

James Kennedy Posted by Hello

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Make it in Scotland Posted by Hello

Make it in Scotland

James and I have been busy this week at Make it in Scotland Glasgow conducting the motivational icebreaker for 900 S2 pupils- the pupils have been learning about the world of manufacturing and the opportunities available across many industry sectors.
The event organised by Careers Scotland is being conducted throughout Scotland