Thursday, February 02, 2012

Entrepreneurs in Banff

The other day I was in Banff at Banff Academy working with around 160 young people making the transition from Primary to Secondary school.

It was a brilliant day - the young people formed their business - got some start up money and started to trade - and trade and trade

They firstly went to the supply store and bought some goods......

Busy Store

They then took the raw materials back to their business and started Manufacturing.

Once the products were Quality Control checked they were ready for sale -- Time to meet the buyers..

Pleasant Buyers !!!

Once a sale had been agreed it was time to display all the products each company had made....

Lots of Goods Sold

Of course when you make a sale it's a happy time - we've got a cheque(yahoo) - Better take it to the Bank


Lots of business done and lots of challenges overcome - and we even managed to make a profit - well done to all......

Profit Winners

And the Quality and Teamwork winners...

Teamwork and Quality Winners

Certificates for all.......

Thanks to Mr Dunn at Banff Academy and to the brilliant young