Monday, August 15, 2011

Entrepreneur Gets Positive

I have been reading over the weekend about Lord Harris the Chairman and entrepreneur behind Carpetright and his determination to make a difference in the lives of young people... as well as being a successful businessman Lord Harris is the sponsor of 13 school academies around London through the Harris Federation  he believes that a good education is the best start you can give a young child - and he is supporting these schools financially and with his time.

I wanted though the draw you attention to two photograghs taken in Tottenham - one of Lord Harris's store prior to the riots and one of the store after the riots



The store had 26 Flats above it - owned by a local housing corporation - they are now burnt out and wrecked -the tenants are being rehoused - Lord Harris has stated he will support the affected people with monies to get them through these tough times Telegragh Article

People often ask me why we are encouraging entrepreneurship - is it about me/me/me and I continually say "being entrepreneurial, having ideas, getting ambitious, taking action allows individuals to contribute and make a difference"

Though he probably won't need or accept it - Thank you Lord Harris

I am interested in what you would do if your store was burnt down or another personal challenge was presented to you - give up or rebuild ?