Wednesday, June 21, 2017


Great to receive this from one of our customers.....thank you to those who continue to encourage us in our work. #dedicatedtoyounglives
Dear Matt

Thank you for all you have done for us and our young people and I know you will continue to do. 

You are truly are an inspiration and the young people love all the activities and problems you set up for them. They get so much out of it. We are indebted to you.

Be assured we will be working for a long time together into the future.

Thanks again for your words but more importantly for your excellent work.


Wednesday, April 26, 2017

@BarmullochP #entrepreneurship with lots of smiles

It was our pleasure to visit the young people of Barmulloch Primary school and work with them teaching entrepreneurship and financial education.....must say the young people were a delight.

Friday, April 21, 2017

#entrepreneurship in education #pef

We believe that #entrepreneurship teaches so much, and not just business creation also #growthmindsets and never ever give up on your dream.

Primary 6 Enterprise Day '12 from MacT on Vimeo.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

#pef #attainment More than Schools #plan4children

Andrew Denholm  
Writing in The Herald

SCOTLAND’S attainment gap has no single cause and there will be no single solution.
It is easy to understand why the debate around improving the performance and prospects of children from Scotland’s poorest areas is often focused on our classrooms.
Education will, of course, help close the gap, but our teachers and schools will never close it on their own. That is because the gap is not caused by education but by poverty.
Schools can make a difference to the trajectory of a child’s life, but any intervention will be more powerful if it also addresses the complex causes of poverty.
This demands a partnership between educators, local authorities, charities, children, families and communities.
The Coalition of Care and Support Providers in Scotland, representing children’s charities, is right to emphasise the importance of partnership and planning.
Their #plan4children campaign is urging candidates in May’s council elections to work with them to plan and deliver the most effective children’s services founded on early intervention.
Services, whoever is providing them, need to be based on strong analysis of what works best.
We must ensure best evidence is drawn on, best practice adopted and best schemes extended.
The research is there, but how each service is actually delivered and how they join together is crucial. A project’s success or failure will often depend on how well connected it is to other services and that, in turn, depends on local authorities building strong, working relationships with charities.
The challenge for councils is to locate the charities delivering the most efficient, effective work and then work out how to roll it out as an extended partnership.
Charities often deliver a really good pilot project, but transition into the mainstream is more difficult, for the charity and the service.
Scotland’s child poverty strategy talks about pockets, prospects and places, that is maximising household income, increasing opportunities, and improving neighbourhoods, and it is founded on ensuring services are integrated at point of use.
The strategy has the big vision, but the challenge is how to translate that vision into reality. Sometimes it happens very well, sometimes it doesn’t.
Councils need to understand what charities are doing in the communities and how that links into schools and social services.
Barnardo’s ran a project called Threads in Renfrewshire, for example, encouraging parents to interact more with their children and use reading and writing in everyday life. That needs to happen more.
There are some real challenges to greater partnership at the moment. There is uncertainty around the future structure of local authorities, the future structure of our schools, and the future levels of funding.
Our charities also face uncertainty with services regularly put out to tender by councils and increasing competition.

One thing remains certain, however. No one thing will close the attainment gap, but the priority must be concerted and unified action to deliver proven and effective services.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Andrew Carnegie


Andrew Carnegie addressed an audience of graduates and told the newly qualified young people that they should watch out for the ones not able to attend such an institution...he said sometimes those that start at the bottom have the desire to reach the top....yes attitude matters. We are launching an initiative soon that see's the self employed go into schools and mentor young "Roberts"​ They will use our growth mindset materials to engage and equip those that need to know that despite where they have been or what they have done or what life has handed them, THEY ARE REMARKABLE with great potential. As always if you are interested in knowing more or better want to help then get in touch...Robert needs you.

Friday, March 10, 2017

Lots of young entrepreneurs

Lots of young people learning entrepreneurship this week, thinking about their futures and the impact they want to make, they have ideas and the motivation to make the world lots better. As one young man said "If you believe in yourself anything is possible"

Thursday, February 16, 2017


SCENARIO.....Helping Young Robert
Robert is in first year at secondary school. He has been identified as being a pupil who would benefit from taking part in the project by his secondary school teachers. His attendance is below 70% and his punctuality is also poor. He often arrives at school unkempt.

At school he skips certain classes and when he does attend he is mostly disengaged or he can be disruptive on the odd occasion.
However, his computing and his re teacher say that he is fully engaged and interested in their subjects although he does not do any homework and his written work is poor. He is articulate and can speak about his feelings and opinions. His oral work is good. He is good at sport but never brings kit to school which results in further grief for Robert.

Socially, he is quite awkward and does not have many friends. At school he hangs around mostly on his own. Although he qualifies for school meals he does not take up this offer. He never seems to have much money. According to school records he has not yet taken part in a single extracurricular activity.
His teachers report that he is very able but lacks engagement with the curriculum and the additional opportunities the school provides to make the progress he should.

Robert lives with his mum and her boyfriend. He has 3 siblings at home who attend primary school. One of the siblings is his full sister. The other two younger boys are the result of Robert’s mother’s relationship with her current boyfriend. His father is in prison for drugs offences. Robert stays with dad from time to time when his father is at liberty. Robert enjoys good relationships with his father. His younger sister does not see her father at all. Robert’s principal teacher of pupil support suspects, from information received, that robert’s father is dealing drugs from his home. Robert’s mum and his dad do not enjoy good relations since they separated.

Robert’s relationship with his mother has recently become increasingly strained. He has left home on numerous occasions to stay with his father or with his parental grandparents before returning back home. On several occasions he has been returned home by the police after he was found wandering the streets in the early hours of the morning. Robert does not like his mother’s boyfriend. He has little to do with his younger siblings. Neither robert’s mum nor her partner work. They both drink alcohol to harmful levels.

When he is at home Robert spends all of his time in his bedroom. He has a computer and a television in his bedroom. He does not take part in any communal or individual sports or physical activity.
Recently, Robert has returned home on two occasions under the influence of alcohol which has caused further friction at home. His mother has attempted to ground robert but he now simply ignores her and continues to come and go as he pleases.
Although his mother has never attended an information evening either at primary school or at secondary school she recently telephoned Robert’s guidance teacher in response to another letter sent by the school asking her to come in for a meeting to discuss robert’s progress and attendance. His mother failed to attend the meeting.

Thursday, December 01, 2016

Edwin Barnes

Napoleon Hill’s story of how Edwin C. Barnes “Thought” his way into a partnership with Thomas Edison; one of the greatest inventors of all time.

How Edwin Barnes “Thought” His Was Into A Partnership With Thomas Edison

It was in the early 1900’s when one Edwin Barnes from the Midwest had a burning desire to partner with Thomas Edison; one of the greatest inventors of all time. Although Barnes planned to work with the great inventor side by side, he faced a couple of challenges which almost made his dream of being Thomas Edison’s business associate seem like a chasing after the wind. Three of the major challenges that Barnes faced included:
  1. He had never met leave alone have any association with Thomas Edison.
  2. Poverty had been his best ally since he was born.
  3. He had no idea what he could offer Thomas Edison to make him become his partner.
Although Edwin Barnes had a couple of shortcomings, he still persisted and knew in his mind that he would one day become Thomas Edison’s business partner and backed with courage and the will to succeed, Barnes traveled by a freight train to Orange, New Jersey in 1905 since he couldn’t afford buying a passenger train ticket.
When Edwin Barnes arrived in Orange, New Jersey, he presented himself to Thomas Edison while he was in his laboratory and declared he’d come to work WITH the great inventor. Thomas Edison sensing Barnes determination to succeed offered him the opportunity to work in his offices as a floor sweeper and for a nominal wage and this was an offer which Barnes gladly accepted even though it wasn’t related with Thomas Edison’s main line of work for he knew that TEMPORARILY working for the great inventor would give him the opportunity to learn from him, meet his associates and generally know how Thomas Edison had built his vast empire.
Months went by but still Edwin Barnes didn’t get his partnership with Thomas Edison though he decided to use his opportunity of working in Edison’s office as a floor sweeper to showcase his expertise in order to capture his “partner’s” attention which for now had eluded him.
Edwin Barnes continued working for Thomas Edison for about two years before his big break came in the form of a marketing obstacle.

How Edwin Barnes Became Thomas Edison’s Business Partner

Edison had just finished working on his newest invention, the Edison Dictating Machine(the current Ediphone) and feeling optimistic about it, he was ready to commercialize it though his salesmen weren’t as optimistic as he was for they claimed it would need a lot of effort to sell just one dictating machine.
This tag of war between Edison and his salesmen went on for a while until Edwin Barnes, the floor sweeper saw a very rare opportunity to seal his partnership with Thomas Edison for once and for all by offering to sell the Edison Dictating Machine on his behalf, a task which Thomas Edison’s sales force had deemed to be next to impossible.
Armed with great determination and a solid marketing plan, Barnes approached Edison and offered his marketing services to the great inventor since in his eyes he deemed the machine would be of great help to thousands of executives across the country as it would help them do more, save on time and increase profits. Upon seeing Edwin Barnes determination to sell his latest invention, Thomas Edison gave him the permission to sell his dictating machine and within a few months, Barnes had already sold thousands of the Edison Dictating Machine.

Thomas Edison became so impressed with Edwin Barnes that he gave him a contract to market the Edison Dictating Machine across the entire nation and this was how a business partnership grew between Mr. Thomas Edison and Mr. Edwin Barnes.
Barnes had finally achieved his dream of working with Thomas Edison and he could now comfortably say he was his business partner; something he had planned from the very beginning.
As a result of his efforts and discipline, Barnes became a multimillionaire at a relatively young age and because of his success at selling the Edison Dictating Machine, a business slogan”Made by Edison and installed by Barnes” was born.
After a couple of years, Thomas Edison was asked about his first encounter with Edwin Barnes and he replied by saying, “He stood there before me looking like an ordinary tramp but there was something in the expression of his face which conveyed the impression that he was determined to get what he had come after. I had learned from years of experience with men that when a man really DESIRES a thing so deeply that he is willing to stake his entire future on a single turn of the wheel in order to get it, he is sure to win. I gave him the opportunity he asked for because I saw he had made up his mind to stand by until he succeeded. Subsequent events proved that no mistake was made”.
Just before Edwin Barnes made it big with the Edison Dictating Machine, he had bought himself a rather expensive wardrobe and this was what Napoleon Hill wrote in his book; the Law of Success:
“In those days he had the largest and most expensive collection of clothes I had ever seen or heard of one man owning. His wardrobe consisted of thirty-one suits; one for each day of the month. He never wore the same suit two days in succession.”
And upon asking the young salesman why he had such an expensive wardrobe, Edwin Barnes responded by saying:
“I do not wear thirty-one suits of clothes entirely for the impression they make on other people; I do it mostly for the impression they have on me.”

Lesson behind Thomas Edison’s And Edwin Barnes Partnership-Success Begins In The Mind!

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Attitude Matters

Today we enjoyed meeting with Tony Fitzpatrick the CEO of St Mirren FC, as an ex club player and manager Tony outlined his journey from boyhood Glasgow to playing football at the highest level, he was appointed as a 17 year old the club captaincy by the then rookie manager Sir Alex Ferguson and went on to play football at the highest level winning numerous trophies.

The key points of his Renfrewshire Chamber of Commerce presentation were about never giving up on your dream and despite setbacks and sometimes negatives from others you must always believe in yourself.

These are messages that we take to schools every day through Matt's #attitudematters workshop.

Pictured is Marie Connelly from entrepreneur me along with Tony Fitzpatrick.

Displaying IMG_9016.JPG

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Entrepreneur Me is delighted to be working with Childcare First on our fantastic Busy Bees project involving dads and kids.  They will work together as entrepreneurs to grow a loan they will receive and donate the profit to a local community group. Excited to see their ideas for making money  come to life.

Sunday, March 23, 2014


 On Friday I visited the Andrew Carnegie BIrthplace Museum in Dunfermline...I was so impressed with the place, the organisation of it and the range of display....I saw the room he was born in, the bed he slept in and the humble beginning for Scotland's greatest entrepreneur and philanthropist.

I read about his great philosophy on success and committed myself to again study his is an speech he gave to Students

Andrew Carnegie Address to Students of the Curry Commercial College, Pittsburg, June 23, 1885. 

It is well that young men should begin at the beginning and occupy the most subordinate positions. 

Many of the leading business men of Pittsburg had a serious responsibility thrust upon them at the 
very threshold of their career. They were introduced to the broom, and spent the first hours of their 
business lives sweeping out the office.
I notice we have janitors and janitresses now in offices, and our young men unfortunately miss that salutary branch of a business education. But if by chance the professional sweeper is absent any morning the boy who has the genius of the future partner in him will not hesitate to try his hand at the broom. 

Starting at the bottom and working our way up......

Thursday, January 10, 2013

#Airdrie #Attitude

Yesterday I was at St Serfs school in Airdrie and worked with all pupils (and teachers) from P5/P6/P7 - The theme as always was Attitude and Ambition - set our sights high and go for it......

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

#entrepreneur #simd #scotland

When I started entrepreneur me I had a grand idea....
"Encouraging Ambition and Positive Attitudes for Social Change"
Social change meant alot to me, I could see we needed change and I saw entrepreneurship as a means to improve the lot of individuals and communities...

Initially I had resistance from my key customers "entrepreneurship" in schools , no thanks teachers would say, are you talking about turning all our young people into money grabbing capitalists !!!no thanks, school is not the place for that - we teach kids the important stuff (the curriculum)

Anyway The Scottish Government policy "Determined to Succeed" came along and schools bought into the message -- entrepreneurship is not only about business, learning entrepreneurial qualities like Positive Can Do Attitude, Ambition, Risk, Opportunity Spotting, Dreams/Desire, Resilience, Goals/Achievement etc matters

Well here we are 10 years on.....

- lots of young people have learned entrepreneurship from me (over 135,000 UK wide)and we have today the Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation- terrible figures and tragic that here in Scotland this is happening...families living in unemployment,poverty, hopelessness, we are awash with alcohol and health issues including low mortality,we have high crime and prison numbers growing, we have the level of individual debt at a record high....

So have we failed, or have we tinkered at the edges ?

For me I put it in the failed category - it really is unacceptable that this is happening in a modern Scotland - so much still to be done and entrepreneurship is the answer

Beginning with the number 1 entrepreneur quality "Self Responsibility" - Let us remind ourselves for things to change we must change and for progress we need inspired young people and communities.

My vision is a better Scotland ....

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Mountain People #attitude @frankdickcoach

There are two types of people in this world, valley people and mountain people.

Valley people seek the calm and comfortable ground of shelter, safety and security. They may talk about change but do not want to be involved in it, especially if this means breaking from the routine of what has worked okay up until now. Their concept of achievement is not losing, so playing for the draw to them is all that’s needed. Their concept of fitness is being fit to survive. They are the people you meet who sentences begin with; “I would have”, “I could have” or “I should have”. They are the almost people, who have many explanantions for not making it themselves but only one for those who have – LUCK. 

Mountain people have decided that valley life is not for them and seek to test ambition on the toughest climbs. They know that there is a rich satisfaction in reaching the top and the fight that is needed to get there. They live for the test of change and enjoy the resilience required to bounce back from the bumps and bruises that come with the mountain territory. They not only talk about change, they deliver it. They take the risk of winning because to them there is no such thing of a risk of losing. People can lose without training or practice, it comes quite naturally, so where is the risk in that? They know achievement is not always reflected in a gold medal but is always measured by the excitement of knowing just how much further their best shot takes them, when they take the risk of winning. Achievement is balanced on the finest of edges but they know that. Whatever the outcome of the contest, they are always accountable for the result. They are winners and they know it.

This has been written for mountain people, people like you. 
It is about people who succeed, who achieve, who win and who intend continuing to do so. Each of us has mountains to climb, they may not all be Mount Everest, but they are still your mountains. They can arise in our family and social life, in our business life and in our personal life. You know what yours are!

I wish you all the success you deserve, not only in climbing your next mountain but in climbing all the mountain ranges where your ambition and dreams will surely take you.

Extract from “Winning” by Frank Dick @frankdickcoach 

My work has been about encouraging Mountain people- or better yet to encourage others to join me on the mountain - certainly that's where the adventure is.....Matt

Monday, October 22, 2012

#attitude in #wishaw @Airdrie_FC

Just back from Coltness HS where I was starting Monday by giving £25 to a young person who over the last six weeks had been demonstrating a "Positive Attitude"

I met all of S5 pupils and had a giggle with them - I do like to mess with their brains, you know ask them.....

"who this morning is ready for action, fully focused on the day ahead and ready to achieve"
"who is thinking big today - forgot yesterday and is determined to succeed"

This is the first day back after holiday and well the reaction I got was like I had landed from Mars !!

Anyway, I gave £25 to Mark McRoberts who wrote a great Positive Attitude story....Mark is a goalkeeper who has not always had it easy - he has been released by clubs and keeps working hard on his game... at the moment he is playing at a good level and has plans and Ambition to go further......

Whilst there I learned from Mark that he plays with Airdrie FC (U17) - my local club and the team that many years ago I suggested could play European Football --- for me a great thought is success for Airdrie - the town and the football club.
I said to Mark that I look forward to seeing him between the sticks at Broomfield Stadium #attitudematters


Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Attitude Matters

A Primary school pupil aged about 10 drew this for me - A person with a positive attitude and and a person with a negative attitude - note the differences - I am working to stay as often as possible to be on the positive side!!

Monday, June 18, 2012


The last two days Matt and Ena have been in Fife with two secondary schools helping with Transition - we have had brilliant events with over 350 young people attending and being entrepreneurs for the day.... lots of friendships made  ideas galore and even a little profit from the participating youngsters.

Please see photograghs from Lochgelly High and St Columbas High Dunfermline.....

And a favourite quote from a young boy aged 11 .....

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Beeslack Story Winner

There is a young person with a great positive attitude, someone ambitious and going for it. This is their story.........

A couple of years ago I began assisting with dance classes on a Friday afternoon. It allowed me to become more confident, able to lead and be better at dancing.

There were more classes I began to help with, it was during this period of helping with Ballet, Tap and Modern dance I realised it was something I wanted to continue throughout my life.

My helping continued and a year ago I was offered to share a class with another assistant - so I was promoted to Student Teacher.

In recent months, the school had their dance show - which inspired me to dance more and more. Seeing our class perform on stage made me realise how much I want to continue dancing, also dancing with younger students inspired me.

I've been dancing since I was 2 and a half - Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Pointe, Musical Theatre, it has always been part of me.

After our recent dance show I looked into dance college and studying dance - but this would mean not going to university and not being able to continue helping and teaching at my current dance school.

After a discussion with my dance principal she assured me that if I want I will be able to continue teaching and once I've completed my grade 8 Ballet I can undergo a teaching diploma with my current school.

I have decided that I will try to get into University and continue most of my current dancing and if I still require a degree to teach in dance then I can go and attend dance college.

The decision to do this allows me success in my job and my education. I will have to work hard for a balance - but for dancing and my education I am willing to do so.

Linda Johnston

Monday, March 19, 2012

Woodmill Transition Workshop

We had a really good two days last week with around 220 Primary Seven pupils fromthe primary schools associated with Woodmill High School in Dunfermline.

Silence at 9.30am when pupils didnt know each other then bedlam at 2.30pm when trading finished.

Pictured is our Enterprise Leaders from Upper School - great young people with definate Can Do attitudes....

Enterprise Leaders @ Woodmill

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Aberdeenshire CPD

Quality WinnersProfit WinnersProducts MadeBusy FactoryBusiness NameBusiness Name
IMG_0770Business Name

Aberdeenshire CPD, a set on Flickr.

Some Photograghs from out Teacher CPD DAY in Aberdeenshire

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

North Berwick High School

I am just back from visiting North Berwick High School, where I worked with around 160 young people making the Step Up to high school.

Our brief was simple -- use Enterprise to encourage the young people to get to know each other, practice their teamwork skills and learn about business and trade whilst having fun.

We had a great day with the young people quiet at the start and buzzing at the end of day -- lots of profit made and definitely new friendships started.

Thanks to North Berwick HS for asking us and to the young people of Law PS,Direlton PS, Aberlady PS and Gullane PS for being successful Can Do entrepreneurs.

Pictured are the profit winners along with the team that won the teamwork and quality award.

Profit Winners

Teamwork and Quality Winners

Thursday, February 02, 2012

Entrepreneurs in Banff

The other day I was in Banff at Banff Academy working with around 160 young people making the transition from Primary to Secondary school.

It was a brilliant day - the young people formed their business - got some start up money and started to trade - and trade and trade

They firstly went to the supply store and bought some goods......

Busy Store

They then took the raw materials back to their business and started Manufacturing.

Once the products were Quality Control checked they were ready for sale -- Time to meet the buyers..

Pleasant Buyers !!!

Once a sale had been agreed it was time to display all the products each company had made....

Lots of Goods Sold

Of course when you make a sale it's a happy time - we've got a cheque(yahoo) - Better take it to the Bank


Lots of business done and lots of challenges overcome - and we even managed to make a profit - well done to all......

Profit Winners

And the Quality and Teamwork winners...

Teamwork and Quality Winners

Certificates for all.......

Thanks to Mr Dunn at Banff Academy and to the brilliant young 

Friday, January 13, 2012

Still Pushing

Well Matt - you should relax more someone said to me yesterday - your going to give your self a medical condition  --  all that energy --- talking with passion encouraging young people to go for it.......Just chill---slow down - it's not that important anyway ----aagah

Even just typing this gets my blood boiling are they right?- should I slow down? Should I in the face of all the negative jobsworth people start believing this work (encouraging enterprise/go for it/ambition/positive attitude) is not important.

Easy answer and one word


Monday, December 05, 2011

Abronhill HS

Another great day for me and the young people of Abronhill HS in Cumbernauld - Over 100 attended my workshop and learned "Success" and "Attitude Matters" We had a full on energetic session with opportunities/ambition/risk taking and "spot the entrepreneur" competition.

Well done to all - please use the learnings now - go for it - pass exams - get into Uni - aim high - then it will have been worth it ------ooh and remeber to spread the love xx

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Ladybank Primary

Yesterday I was at Ladybank Primary School in Fife - a lovely small village school in the middle of great Scottish countryside.

I met around 50 young people from aged 9-11 and we spent the day being entrepreneurs - start with £25 enterprise money - make some products - sell them (for a profit)
Doesn't really seem like rocket science does it....

Problems occur of course when we have quality control / teamwork/costing/fussy buyers and other work colleagues with attitude to contend with  - aaagh the challenge of business.

The youngsters got stuck into the tasks - we had fun - all made a profit.

The got an insight into themselves their preferred job role and a look at other peoples skills too - they used our new assesment tool for reflective learning.

All in all a good day..........

Thursday, November 24, 2011

St Andrews High School Coatbridge

Many thanks to the young people of St Andrews High School Coatbridge - they were a delight to work with today - we together upped our games - we are thinking big and nothing is going to stop us achieving success.............
Winning Entrepreneurs

Friday, October 07, 2011

Airdrie Morning

Just been to my bank in Airdrie ( actually it is partly my bank as it is the only independant bank in the UK and owned by customers and i have been a customer for over ten years)

Anyway behind me in the line were two young boys reaking of alcohol (11.30am) and there language was flowery &£#%<€¥+* to say the least.

I learned that they had been drinking till 6am then slept on someones floor - Getting up,going for a haircut and now getting what was left in thier bank accounts (£23) before starting the party again.

One of the boys tapped me on the shoulder
"Mate" "it's his birthday" pointing at his pal "He's 21 today"
"congratulations i say"


"You that guy who came to my school and spoke about "attitude"
Yes i said nervously "how you doing now,achieved your goals?

I'm doing alright -- no working the noo but my uncle is going to get me into that pure mad gas board -- maybe an apprentice

Go for it i say ... What else could i ... Oh and aim high - think

And work and set standards for self and the drink thats another story...

They say we have done enterprise in Scotland

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Attitude Matters

Today i have been with the senior school pupils at Kirkland Community High School in Methil Fife
I have been presenting my ideas about success and what is possible for the young people

Clarity of thought,combined with determination equal success.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Bellshill Academy

Many thanks to the young people of Bellshill Academy for there positive participation in my Attitude Matters workshop --- we all had fun and set ourselves up for the best year...