Wednesday, June 04, 2008

" Ollie The Enterprising Octopus" - Teacher Evaluations

Here are some of teacher comments about our resource pack "Ollie The Enterprising Octopus". See below very positive comments from local schools and how well Ollie has been doing in class.

Hunter Primary - Josephine Johnston -
Very well presented, organised, easy to follow, resources were all there.
Braidwood Primary - Dorothy Thomson -
This is an excellent resource and perfectly pitched at Primary 3 pupils. The pupils enjoyed all of the lessons and ran a fantastic showcase of their work.
Mossend Primary - A. Baillie -
Bright, colourful, well presented. Children adored Ollie.
Muiredge Primary - Christine Marshall -
Well organised, colourful, clear objectives and easy to follow. Favourites were creativity, responsibilty and organisation.
Carnwath Primary - Rosemary Morrison -
Very well produced and useful resource. The children really enjoyed planning and designing a desk tidy and taking responsibility for a toy. I would recommend this pack whole heartedly. It fits in so well with the Curriculum for Excellence.
West Coats Primary - Irene Taylor -
Thought it was great for developing communication skills, team work and problem solving etc...
Udston Primary - Lee-Anne Sliman -
Liked the idea of teaching individual skills. Children were engaged in activities and enjoyed working through pack.
St Elizabeth's Primary - Lorraine Sweeney -
My pupils and I thoroughly enjoyed the pack and we achieved all it's outcomes.
Blackwood Primary - Lynne O'Donnell -
Very good colourful and interesting lessons. The children (and me) thoroughly enjoyed working on the creativity and communication activities. Overall the pack is well resourced and an enjoyable experience for the class.
St John's Primary Blackwood - Stephen Hall
Pupils enjoyed working through skills pack. Benefits to pupils who maybe had confidence difficulties.
Woodside Primary - Julie McGowan -
Very professionally produced, easy to use and follow. Clear links to Enterprise skills and ACFE.

Strathaven Academy - "Who wants to be an Entrepreneur"

Matt Stewart presented "Who wants to be an Entrepreneur" to pupils from Strathaven Academy on Tuesday 3rd June 2008. Pupils had a really good day and had great "Ambition and a Can Do Attitude". Pictured are Matt and pupils with their winning poster and £20.

Dalkeith High School - “Who wants to be an Entrepreneur”

On Wednesday 28th May 2008 Matt Stewart ran his course 'Who Wants To Be An Entrepreneur' in Dalkeith High School with enthusiastic S5 and S6 pupils. Pictured are Matt and pupils from Dalkeith High with their winning poster and £20.