Monday, September 15, 2008

Pictured are Mossneuk Primary pupils with their winning highest profit trophy at 'Enterprise is the Business' on the 10th September 2008.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Here are our highest profit winners from 'Enterprise is the Business' held on the 9th September 2008. Pictured are pupils who took part, Helen who presented the course and Cllr Mary Smith - Chair of the Education Committee with SLC, who came to present the trophies.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

St Andrew's & St Bride's High School - 'Who Wants To Be An Entrepreneur'

On the 16th June 2008 pupils from St Andrews and St Bride's High School S5 and S6 pupils attended 'Who wants to be an entrepreneur' with Matt. They were all competing against each other for the prize of £20. Pictured are the winners from the competition.

Inverkeithing High School - 'Who Wants To Be An Entrepreneur'

Pupils from Inverkeithing High School attended 'Who wants to be an entrepreneur' with Matt Stewart on Tuesday 17th June 2008. Pictured are the winners from the poster competition and their winning £20.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Peebles High - 'Who wants to be an entrepreneur'

Pictured are Matt and pupils from Peebles High. On Friday 6th June Matt presented 'Who wants to be an entrepreneur' to S5, S6 pupils. This was the winning poster and their prize of £20.

Hermitage Academy - Helensburgh

Pupils from Hermitage Academy - Helensburgh came along to 'Who wants to be an entrepreneur' on the 9th June 2008. All pupils had a great and enthusiastic day. Pictured are poster winners with their winning £20.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

" Ollie The Enterprising Octopus" - Teacher Evaluations

Here are some of teacher comments about our resource pack "Ollie The Enterprising Octopus". See below very positive comments from local schools and how well Ollie has been doing in class.

Hunter Primary - Josephine Johnston -
Very well presented, organised, easy to follow, resources were all there.
Braidwood Primary - Dorothy Thomson -
This is an excellent resource and perfectly pitched at Primary 3 pupils. The pupils enjoyed all of the lessons and ran a fantastic showcase of their work.
Mossend Primary - A. Baillie -
Bright, colourful, well presented. Children adored Ollie.
Muiredge Primary - Christine Marshall -
Well organised, colourful, clear objectives and easy to follow. Favourites were creativity, responsibilty and organisation.
Carnwath Primary - Rosemary Morrison -
Very well produced and useful resource. The children really enjoyed planning and designing a desk tidy and taking responsibility for a toy. I would recommend this pack whole heartedly. It fits in so well with the Curriculum for Excellence.
West Coats Primary - Irene Taylor -
Thought it was great for developing communication skills, team work and problem solving etc...
Udston Primary - Lee-Anne Sliman -
Liked the idea of teaching individual skills. Children were engaged in activities and enjoyed working through pack.
St Elizabeth's Primary - Lorraine Sweeney -
My pupils and I thoroughly enjoyed the pack and we achieved all it's outcomes.
Blackwood Primary - Lynne O'Donnell -
Very good colourful and interesting lessons. The children (and me) thoroughly enjoyed working on the creativity and communication activities. Overall the pack is well resourced and an enjoyable experience for the class.
St John's Primary Blackwood - Stephen Hall
Pupils enjoyed working through skills pack. Benefits to pupils who maybe had confidence difficulties.
Woodside Primary - Julie McGowan -
Very professionally produced, easy to use and follow. Clear links to Enterprise skills and ACFE.

Strathaven Academy - "Who wants to be an Entrepreneur"

Matt Stewart presented "Who wants to be an Entrepreneur" to pupils from Strathaven Academy on Tuesday 3rd June 2008. Pupils had a really good day and had great "Ambition and a Can Do Attitude". Pictured are Matt and pupils with their winning poster and £20.

Dalkeith High School - “Who wants to be an Entrepreneur”

On Wednesday 28th May 2008 Matt Stewart ran his course 'Who Wants To Be An Entrepreneur' in Dalkeith High School with enthusiastic S5 and S6 pupils. Pictured are Matt and pupils from Dalkeith High with their winning poster and £20.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Ollie the Octopus has 8 legs and every one will help us.
We can use these skills every day and so could you!
Ollie the Octopus has 8 legs to remind us while we grow up,
Being responsible doesn't mean that you can't have fun.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Ollie The Enterprising Octopus - Curricular Links - Creativity

'' Ollie the Enterprising Octopus Resource Pack is a stimulus for teachers to use in their enterprising teaching and learning. Noted below are some cross curricular ideas'. Our idea is that the personal skill being taught will permeate through all other lessons in the classroom that week, to help the childrens' understanding. If you have any other ideas, please email them to us and we will include them in our blog. Thank you.''


Art - using creative materials to colour desk tidy.
Creative Writing - imagine you are ………….
Drama - teacher provides story beginning and pupils role play their ending.
Music - create an “Ollie” song.
Maths - challenge pupils to think of ways to learn times tables with fun.
PE - using equipment to invent & play a new game.
Science - ‘experiment’.
Technology - build the desk tidy.

Monday, March 03, 2008

University of Strathclyde 29/2/08

On Friday Helen and I attended the Enterprising Careers National Conference at Strathclyde University where as well as exhibiting our company offerings to over 300 people from the education world.

I presented a workshop entitiled “Enterprise Forever” I know the title of the workshop is slightly “cheesy” however I selected it based on the perception that some hold about enterprise education and “Determined to Succeed” – is “Enterprise” another initiative that is going to go away – have we now “done it” have we “embedded” enterprise.

I presented my thinking that we have only started in our quest to be a more entrepreneurial country and enterprise education is vital for our economic success
Feedback from all attendees was positive with teachers in attendance telling me what they thought being entrepreneurial meant.

What is an Entrepreneur?
Teacher Comments
• Successful risk taker
• Dynamic
• Energetic
• Positive
• Sees the bigger picture before everyone else
• Keeping it real, being successful
• Facilitator
• Someone with oomph! Who wants to get on and achieve in the real world.
• Innovative, inspirational, good listener, organiser, good leader, encourages others to take the lead.
• Someone who turns everything into an opportunity
• Someone who can: spot opportunities, has self belief, is confident, can take calculated risks, smiles a lot
• Someone who looks for an opportunity and acts upon this.
• Someone who has initiative and a positive attitude.
• An innovative thinker with a ‘can do’ attitude
• Someone who achieves / a team player
• Someone who spots an opportunity not put off by barriers
• An entrepreneur… someone who can find something that is needed… and do it
• Great ideas made into a real thing/concept
• Inspirational
• Accepts challenges
• Seeking opportunities, creativity and use of skills, personal choice and interest

Maybe some are true maybe not – I would though be interested in your views – post a reply or email me at

Thursday, January 17, 2008