Sunday, May 01, 2005

April Update

We have all had a really busy April with lots of exciting and ambitious programmes and projects happening.

Here are some of the highlights

* Matt did an Entrepreneurial talk at Govan High School Glasgow for a group of Primary Seven pupils about to embark on the exciting journey to secondary school.
*Helen delivered "Enterprise is the Business" in Govan High
* Matt was photographed for an upcoming press article highlighting our success with over 10,000 pupils this academic year.
* John and Matt attended the "Schools for Ambition" conference in Edinburgh
*David continued his journey of meeting local authorities throughout Scotland - highlighting our work and success.
*Jim presented the "world of work" programme for 200 S3 pupils in Trinity High Rutherglen - the young people are about to embark on their work experience and Jim presented the skills and attitudes required to maximise this opportunity.
*Matt was at Harris Academy Dundee presenting "Who wants to be an Entrepreneur" junior to S4 pupils.
*Matt was at St Maurices High School Cumbernauld presenting "Who wants to be an Entrepreneur to S3 pupils
*John presented on behalf of Stirling Council to 50 probationer teachers - the "Enterprising Teacher" programme which has now been booked by several local authorities and works with teachers as part of their CPD to encourage enterprise is the classroom.

We at are "Determined to Succeed" and play our part in the development of a more enterprising entrepreneurial Scotland.