Monday, March 03, 2008

University of Strathclyde 29/2/08

On Friday Helen and I attended the Enterprising Careers National Conference at Strathclyde University where as well as exhibiting our company offerings to over 300 people from the education world.

I presented a workshop entitiled “Enterprise Forever” I know the title of the workshop is slightly “cheesy” however I selected it based on the perception that some hold about enterprise education and “Determined to Succeed” – is “Enterprise” another initiative that is going to go away – have we now “done it” have we “embedded” enterprise.

I presented my thinking that we have only started in our quest to be a more entrepreneurial country and enterprise education is vital for our economic success
Feedback from all attendees was positive with teachers in attendance telling me what they thought being entrepreneurial meant.

What is an Entrepreneur?
Teacher Comments
• Successful risk taker
• Dynamic
• Energetic
• Positive
• Sees the bigger picture before everyone else
• Keeping it real, being successful
• Facilitator
• Someone with oomph! Who wants to get on and achieve in the real world.
• Innovative, inspirational, good listener, organiser, good leader, encourages others to take the lead.
• Someone who turns everything into an opportunity
• Someone who can: spot opportunities, has self belief, is confident, can take calculated risks, smiles a lot
• Someone who looks for an opportunity and acts upon this.
• Someone who has initiative and a positive attitude.
• An innovative thinker with a ‘can do’ attitude
• Someone who achieves / a team player
• Someone who spots an opportunity not put off by barriers
• An entrepreneur… someone who can find something that is needed… and do it
• Great ideas made into a real thing/concept
• Inspirational
• Accepts challenges
• Seeking opportunities, creativity and use of skills, personal choice and interest

Maybe some are true maybe not – I would though be interested in your views – post a reply or email me at