Friday, September 02, 2011

Positive Stories

As Written by Young man 16/17

There is a young person with a great attitude, Someone Ambitious and going for it.

This is their story.......

A young boy who had not much financial funds when he was young.However one day he bought a van and some items. Buying and selling for a few months out of the back of the van in the estate. He began to make a good profit. He studied the stock exchange and invested some of his money into the markets. Continuing to make profits, he started his own electronics business - His employees designed and invented goods to sell in the big world.

One day he struck luck and his inventors designed one of the first computers - this was going to make him big bucks. The computer industry was booming and his Amstrad business was growing fast by the second.

The man is now a billionaire, living the life of a successful entrepreneur and appearing on his own Apprentice TV show. He was Knighted then became a Lord and has many great achievements.

This young man first of all had great Attitude is Ambitious and now is the most well known British entrepreneur.

This is the life of Lord Alan Sugar.

Just shows Positive Go for it Attitudes work........

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Positive Stories

Recently in my "attitude matters" workshop I have been challenging young people to write a short story - it could be fiction or it can be about themselves with names changed if desired......

The headline I give then is

"There is a young person with a great positive attitude- someone ambitious and  going for it"....This is their story......

I know what a vague title and what would a young person 16 or 17 write? Well I have been astonished by the response

Here is one....

Mary lived in a scheme. No opportunities, no ambitions, no faith. Mary was always quiet,kept herself to herself and never got involved with the crowd. For this she would receive abuse from others and this caused her not to try too much in school.
She spent most of her time at her Gran and Papa's listening to her Papa's stories of when he was young.
One day Mary's Papa found he had taken ill and the next few weeks were spent listening to her Papa talking of how he wishes he had had the opportunity Mary has, to receive an education.
Mary's Papa passed and his last wish was for Mary to achieve something, to make the most of her opportunities, be successful and be happy.
Mary was now more ambitious than ever, she gave everything - 110% - and passed all her exams at the highest levels and went to University.Mary did this despite being told by the crowd "your a nobody" "you'll never amount to anything"
She passed all her uni exams and now Mary is a Professor of Law and is on top of her game.

She worked hard to get where she is and is now a successful person

So many things I could say about this story - however I have another 400 to read - I will keep updating more

As always - Go for it .... Matt